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Hyrax Orthodontic Lab

Providing the dental community with various specialty appliances and state of the art 3D printing

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#5 700 Village Lane

Okotoks, AB Canada  T1S 1Z6

Welcome to Hyrax

We offer a variety of services to our clients ranging from dental, orthodontic appliances and 3D dental printing.



Removable Appliances

TMJ Appliances

Fixed Appliances

Snore Gurads

Orthodontic Appliances

3D Printing

Removable Appliances

We fabricate a variety of removable appliances that are worn for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. It is an appliance that helps  replace missing teeth and or correct dental irregularities.


Fixed Appliances

We also fabricate a variety of fixed appliances that are set in place by a Dental Specialist. Worn for therapeutic and/or corrective purposes for the duration of treatment.

Orthodontic appliances

Orthodontic appliances are corrective and supportive appliances,  custom designed and prescribed by a Dental Specialist. The appliances treat malocclusion, including crowded, and or protruding teeth.

Snore Guard & Sports Guards

Snore guards help prevent the soft tissue at the back of the oral cavity and throat from vibrating,  by creating a space between the upper and lower jaw.

We also fabricate custom sport guards which aid in reducing injuries from impact related activities.

TMJ Appliances

 We custom make removable TMJ Appliances that are mainly used for occlusal stabilization, for treatment of temporomandibular disorders, or to prevent wear of the dentition.

3D Printing

At Hyrax we use the Form2 to provide our clients with professional grade  3D printed splints , surgical guides and study models.

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